“To see the blue, we look at the sky. The Earth is blue if you look from the sky. Is that blue a color by itself or just a matter of distance? Or a questtion of a nostalgic feeling? The unreacheable is always blue.”
Clarice Lispector

Blue. The Earth is majestically painted in blue. A blue that surrounds us from the sea to the sky, with such magnificence that has always attracted and intrigued so many human beings. A blue that inspires and encourages you to discover new mysteries of nature.
This was the inspiration that led us to go further. The blue sky and the sea were our inspiration for the development of a new color for your mattress – Turquoise Blue.
In blue we seek tranquility and peace. It is an introspective and calm color that leads us to reflect, offers the serenity, the subtlety, the confidence, the creativity and the dream…
Luxury Concept Plus presents as an upgrade to Luxury Concept, with thoroughly studied details to give it an even more luxurious and soft look, with your mattress entirely velvet coated.